The importance of exercise in preventing deterioration of your lung condition is underlined by a recent research paper that shows that for Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis there is a direct relationship between the amount of activity a patient can do and the number of years of life left! Doing more exercise gives you more years of life.

The European Lung Foundation has published this very helpful document that outlines the importance of maintaining lung health via adequate exercise:

What exercises can I do with aspergillosis?

Leading International Fungal Education Worldwide (LIFE) have produced a playlist of exercises specifically recommended for those with aspergillosis. The exercises chosen are gentle and mainly chair-based, designed to help you improve your fitness, lung health and control of breathlessness. There something for everyone – from belly dance to tai chi!

Exercising with osteoporosis

Many aspergillosis patients will be prescribed steroids to control inflammation. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of steroid use can be osteoporosis, a loss of bone strength. Patients with osteoporosis may worry that exercise could put them at risk of breaking or fracturing bones, but in fact this is very unlikely! Exercise is very important for those with osteoporosis, as it can strengthen bone and muscle and improve balance. The Royal Osteoporosis Society has produced some very useful videos, and a comprehensive fact sheet about exercising with osteoporosis, that can be found on their website.